The bare minimum

In an effort the make all republicans go completely insane, president Obama has a new agenda in washington this week. Currently the government mandated minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, A cornerstone of the presidents 2012 campaigned was his intention to raise the minimum wage, a promise that has been absent until now.  A recent proposal to congress would raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. 

Now while the federal wage is $7.25 an hour, 22 states have taken an initiative and raised there wages to a more acceptable level. The new bill proposed would required all 50 states to have a minimum wage of at least $10.10 but some states have taken it father, Washington D.C(while is isn’t a state) has proposed a new bill at the state level that would make there minimum wage 11.50.

While Democrats like the bill, Republicans oppose, saying that this is a matter for individual states to deiced. While People in washington may need $11.50 an hour to get by from week to week, the people in kansas or nevada for example may only need $9.50 an hour to make it and raising the wage across the board would make it harder on small business owners to pay there employees and stay competitive.

There is also a separate initiative circulation through politicians hands that would require big box stores such as Wal-Mart and Target an hourly wage of atlas $11. Considering .08 cents of every dollar is spend at a Wal-Mart, they can clearly afford it. raising a separate minimum wage on stores like that might help level the playing field for small businesses trying to compete.

being only 23 i’ve worked most of my life off minimum wage jobs, even working close to 40 hours a week it’s tough to see how anyone could live off roughly 13,000 dollars a year after taxes. Raising the minimum from $7.25 to $10.10 would be a $6,000 hike and allow people to get off government assistance, it would circulate more money creating a better economy and possibly cost the government less money on social programs eventually lowering taxes.



UPDATE!!! City Council Unanimously Approves Washington D.C’s raise to 11.50 minimum wage!

Dear government: Nobody Likes you.


  Things have been getting pretty messy in Washington as of late, you’ve got the health care crisis, the shutdown and impending 2014 congress and senate races. With all the bad publicity thrown around people are starting to get fed up, in the most recent polls, the presidents approval rating has hit an all time low at 40% and congress’s approval rating can’t even break in the double digits as they sit at just 9%. 

           While Approval ratings don’t tell the whole story in the government, i think it’s important as a legacy. Take George W. Bush for example, who got a spike up to the 90’s after the 9/11 but finished at a low point of 25% when it was all said and done. His Second term had an average of just 37%.  Too say that didn’t affect the republican party in future elections would be foolish. 

          Every President has peaks and valleys and President Obama is no different. Senior Advisor David Plouffe d recently in an interview to time magazine that he beileves the president will come out of the low period soon “It’s not just health care. The shutdown affected everybody’s confidence in government. But let’s fast-forward to the State of the Union and the months after that: healthcare working better, a lot of people signing up, the economy continuing to strengthen, hopefully no Washington shutdowns. I think the president’s numbers will recover. I think people’s confidence will recover” 

         I personally think it’s too early, Far too early to write the book on Obama’s second term, What do you think? 

Not at rest yet

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the Assassination of our 35th President John F. Kennedy. This a story that won’t be put to rest, not now, not ever. Not i’m not hear to talk about any conspiracy theories (i’m sure you’ve heard them all) but I want to talk about the devotion to the man John Kennedy.

 The man John Kennedy was a change to the white house after old white males like Truman, Eisenhower and Roosevelt. Kennedy was the first to change the mold, here he was this young look guy at the head of the nation and maybe for the first time, here was a president most people could relate to. He was a war hero, husband and a father, He hung out with Frank Sinatra and may have been our first “cool” President.  There has always been something majestic about the kennedy’s weather it be from John or Bobby or even John jr. something that made them so compelling to watch or to listen to. 

I’ve heard people talk about how different the world would be today if Kennedy was never shot, Would we have continued in to Vietnam, would the rebellion  and teenage angst that followed kept suit? Maybe he completes 2 terms then Bobby(who also lives) Follows him into office by beating Nixon and squashing the watergate scandal changing 30 years and more of U.S History.

A lot can be said for the butterfly effect but it’s tough to truly tell. I do realize that his assassination changed things in this world and had if any been anyone else, I don’t think you see it talked about as much as it still is. 

The underlining issue

So weather or not you are for Obamacare this issue matters, it matters sooner then you think. 2014 elections are coming up for congressional and senate races and whoever controls the house will control the issues. While Obamacare is one 1 of very pressing matters facing the government at the moment, it’s without a doubt the one drawing the most attention(we tend to forget about the 3 trillion dollar debt, we’re facing). 



here is an article talking more about this 

the deficit, the debt and everything in red

Recently the white house released a blog post about the the progress it’s made in making up the deficit. The Deficit is the amount of money over-budget the government is during a certain term. It reached a record high in 2008 of 1.8 trillion dollars, this wasn’t to blame on Mr. Obama since he walked into a mess with the stock market crashing and the banking and automotive crisis. They’ve managed to cut it in half since 2009 and it has seen it’s greatest drop this year . This can be attributed to a number of things, one of the biggest being the stoppage of tax cuts for the wealthily.

While making a dent in the deficit is good news, we’re still almost 3 trillion dollars in debt that we own other countries. I question the timing in the releasing this article, with the media hounding Obamacare, was this the governments way of throwing the president some good press in hopes that it may skew some of the obamacare haters away? Not to mention the recent budget crisis and government shutdown we just went through.

My last thought is that it is nice to see the government start to be more responsible with it’s money and it’s obvious the impact on the budget when the wealthy do there share. Nobody likes paying taxes but everyone has to.

Let’s all live forever: Healthcare a love story

So heres the thing, I really wanted to post about the affordable health care act or Obamacare as it’s been dubbed, I really did. As of right now there is no bigger issue in America, but as it stands there is just so much disagreement about what this will do or is doing that it’s tough to really grasp and believe any of it. So instead of writing about it myself, I’m going to spare you the hassle and post a few news articles that i think are a worthwhile read and hopefully you can figure it out on your own.


Debunking 4 Obamacare Myths -Tom Cohen Cnn

6 ways to save obamacare– Bill George Professor at the harvard school of business 

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